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Video, Sound, Graphics & Web

I work as an artist and developer on a range of multimedia projects, for clients big and small.  I create branding, animations, explainer videos and editing, websites, print design + more.

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I took on a the full spectrum with this project including the graphics, animation, music and i also did the narration. The art direction and concepts were my ideas, while taking into consideration the existing branding provided by the client. I had fun with this because it was for a youthful audience. I tried to keep it light, quick paced, while still talking about a serious issue: air pollution and asthma suffers.

Columbia Basin Trust - Explainers


Selkirk College - Interviews

More Animation


For the love


Web Design

Columbia Basin Trust tutorial page:

Cool illustration artwork for this live show:

Summer Camp, fun & bubbly:

TIP: go into full screen mode on the videos by locating the bottom right icon in the video player.  Exit by pressing ESC.

“Film is where it all comes together and is both the greatest challenge to get right, and the most rewarding when you do.” -Zeb

When I was completing my years in college doing digital arts, I was given an opportunity to create an educational, ‘explainer’ video about climate change for the crown cooperation, Columbia Basin Trust.  My interest and skills in video editing, special FX, and sound design — and finding I work well under pressure and deadlines — ranked me among the top in my class.  Since then, I have done more than 50 film productions for clients, dozens of web designs, and graphic arts for magazines, newspapers and billboards.

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